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Welcome to ITCAP

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Learning & Training

We put learning to work.

  • Since launching in 1997, ITCAP has become a recognized leader in facilitating workforce development through training and education.

  • We create and launch workforce programs tailored to the company, on the company's timeline.

  • We deliver results through our unique model of public/private partnerships. Our network of educational partners allows delivery of classes enterprise-wide designed to meet corporate goals and help workers earn the credentials and skills needed for success within the organization.

  • We support academic degree-based learning, non-credit training, and career-track internal advancement programs.

  • Whether providing training or classes through the employee's tuition benefit, ITCAP's focus is on maintaining quality controls, consistency and cost containment.

Programming & Consulting

Since 1990, ITCAP has provided programming consulting services to businesses.

  • Database programming

  • Web applications

  • Network security

  • Backup solutions and maintenance


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