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One solution for many styles.

How you're taught can play a big role in what you learn. Different subjects call for different teaching strategies, different teaching venues, different teaching tools. Employees have different learning goals and learning needs.

ITCAP weds material to method to learner.

We look at all the variables when creating a training program for our clients. Needs-responsive course design. A convenient and conducive venue. Efficient and timely scheduling. Academic and non-academic programs. And because of the depth of our curricula and the breadth of our site resources, we deliver content, technique and location that are best suited to learning success. A single solution to your multifaceted need.

Our delivery formats include:

  • Instructor-led classes

  • Online instruction

  • Asynchronous distance learning

  • Synchronous distance learning

  • On-site classroom

  • Explicit technology-based learning

  • Blended classroom and online learning

  • Computer lab instruction

We know enough to eliminate confusion.

An ambitious training program can involve hundreds of vendors, dozens of sites, scores of platforms. Consistency is not trivial when it comes to business learning. Consistency can be a time-saver. Cost saver. Problem solver.

So ITCAP provides the tools and templates to support learning implementation throughout your enterprise. Learners experience a common protocol; a familiar process and feel. Confusion aside, learning profits.

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