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Learning & Training

We put learning to work.

ITCAP is a leader in facilitating workforce development through training and education. Teaming up with Human Resources (HR) and training/development professionals, ITCAP uses its extensive network of educational partners to deliver classes designed to meet corporate goals. ITCAP has a successful model, with scalability, to provide a nationwide workforce initiative solution that reduces work: One contract, one curriculum, one price for required training or for classes taken using tuition benefits. You define the need and the metrics to measure ROI. We create and launch the critical workforce programs tailored to the company, on the company's timeline. ITCAP delivers results though our unique model of public/private partnerships. These partnerships help workers earn the credentials and skills needed to position the company and its workforce for success.

Since launching nationwide in 1997 with an innovative partnership with Pima Community College, ITCAP has become a recognized leader in developing, administering and assessing results-based educational programs. One of ITCAP's jobs is to help students succeed.

Experience validates our credentials. ITCAP has:

  • Educated/trained 75,000+ students

  • Administered nationwide roll-outs of educational programs

  • Established a cross-country network of training + educational partners to offer a diverse collection of workforce courses nationwide

  • Built relationships with several regionally accredited colleges

ITCAP Features
  • Flexible cost allocation strategies for training acquisition expenses

  • Academic assessment of employee learning

  • ROI metrics and learning management support

  • Company-based Career Path training connected to Education Path opportunities

  • Greater employee access to growth-critical learning

  • Increased employee recruitment and retention

  • Increased workforce productivity

  • Professional staff recertification

Some of ITCAP's Corporate Customers

  ACS Lockheed Martin Pacific Gas and Electric
  Boeing Raytheon
  Estee Lauder UAW
  Intuit US Military - all branches
  Nationwide Insurance Verizon/Verizon Wireless

The cost of workforce development can weigh heavily on the bottom line. That's why ITCAP is clearly focused on maintaining quality controls and cost containment. Because we provide single-vendor access to a broad spectrum of learning curricula, ITCAP delivers both cost and manpower efficiencies. Vendor management is our headache not yours. You write one contract, not dozens. Accounting receives a simple, consolidated, electronic bill. Monthly reports track your investments in learning.

No question, business learning is critical to business success. It's a staple of an effective business strategy. And its effectiveness can mean all the difference in growth and stagnation.

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