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Learn precisely what you want to know.

ITCAP partners with the best content providers to provide an extensive content library around a single focus: customer need. Chances are we have a program that meets your program needs. If not, we'll find one. Or create one.

Our library of courses can be customized to meet your specific company criteria. What's more, ITCAP can design, instruct and assess a single course - or a multi-tiered program - to accomplish finely honed corporate objectives.

Content scope is deep and wide.

Industry standards. Company proprietary programs. Client staff trainers. ITCAP is equipped to provide expert collaboration however broad or specific your education initiatives might be. We support academic degree-based learning, non-credit training, and career-track internal advancement programs.

Our range of curricula includes:

  • Berlitz language classes

  • Fiber Optics

  • IT Technical & Telecommunications Programs

  • Leadership

  • Project Management

  • Risk Management

Content evaluation keeps us thinking.

Was the right material covered? Was it understood? Has performance improved? Has the business changed for the better? Are any factors requiring a content change?

Training needs are dynamic. Content must connect to business outcomes. Your workforce deserves a learning program that meets their changing environment. Not just a one-time success. ITCAP conducts content evaluations and audits trainee populations to verify that material is up-to-date, understandable, comprehensive, effective, and relevant.

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