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Assessment Capabilities

Leave guesswork to your competition.

In today's watch-every-dollar business environment, corporate training's value cannot be uncertain. Such significant investments must yield significant rewards to the enterprise. Using strategic tools that allow us to measure training success, ITCAP provides Human Resource directors the confidence to spend wisely.

Anyone can read a test score. ITCAP reads into them.

ITCAP links content to outcome to impact because employee development is about more than learning; the knowledge your employees glean from their training is only part of its value story. You need to know their skill level and knowledge base going into it. How much they retain. How it affects their job performance. What it costs to educate them. How it supports company goals.

ITCAP's pre- and post-class knowledge assessments are built around your business criteria, so you're not getting a cookie-cutter evaluation. We generate a range of data critical to determining strategic learning success, return on investment, and valid cost-benefit analyses. You get relevant reports on the value of your employee development.

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